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Russet-crowned Motmot, MexicoBlack-footed Albatross, CaliforniaBlue-naped Chlorophonia, Brazil


These pages contain photographs of birds taken while birding at various locations around the world.  Most of the images are arranged geographically and can be reached via the links in the menu to the left.  Clicking on the banner at the top or bottom of the page at any point in the site will bring you back to this homepage.


Click here for a complete list of recently uploaded pages Updated June 26, 2012

Click here for more photos Spruce Grouse Great Wass Island, Maine, USA, June 17, 2004 Added June 26, 2013

Click here for more photos Piping Plover Reid State Park, Maine, USA, June 13, 2004 Added June 26, 2014

Kayak Bird Watching Trip We just got back from an amazing kayak and bird watching trip in Washington state. We teamed up with the guys from who provided all the great equipment for a fun trip. Added June 26, 2015

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